Elevazione Spirituale– sculpture in basalt. (Height 250cm) II°International Symposium of Sculpture Hakob Gyursian Shushi, Republic of Nagorno Karabkh, Armenia.



Scogliodell’amore– stone. (Height: approx. 220cm). Realised for the Symposium on Stone “Scogliera Viva”, Caorle (VE). First Prize.

Symposium “Arte per la Pace”, Cervara di Roma, (RM).Apprenticeship on Sculpture on Stone. School of Sculpture of Professors: Bianchi and Di Tommaso, Academy di Belle Arti of Florence.



Symposium“Eurosculpture”, Mael-Carhaix, Brittany (France). Realises a sculpture in slate. (163cm x43cm x30cm).In the gardens of Kervezennec.



1stInternational Symposium on Sculpture in Stone.MaalotTarshiha (Israel).



9th International Symposium of Sculpture on Stone. Fanano (MO).

6th International Symposium of Sculpture on Stone.Nanto (VI), First Prize.

First Prize. Urban sculpture realised for the 4th International Meeting on Sculpture on Stone. Teulada (CA).



ArmoniaSensualeRitmica– sculpture in white Carrara marble. (Height: 250cm). Realised for the 10th International Symposium of Sculpture “Scolpire all’aperto”. Artwork located at the Stadio delle Alpi, Turin.

2nd International Sculpture on Marble. Ballabio (CO).



Ritmiolimpici – sculpture in white Carrara marble. (Height: 175cm). Realised during the 9th International Symposium of Sculpture “Scolpire all’aperto” Located in Piazza di Fossone, Carrara(MS).

4th International Symposium on Stone.Nanto (VI). Second Prize.

Internaconalni Simpozijum Sklpture, Terra, Kikinda ’89, Kikinda (Jugoslavia)



(Height: 160cm x 160cm x 60cm). Artwork realised for the 8th International Symposium of Sculpture “Scolpireall’aperto”.Location: “Fieramarmomacchine” Carrara (MS) .



Sculpture Symposium Pontassieve (FI). Realises a sculpture in cement for an urban monument located at the PieroCalamandrei Primary School, Pontassieve (FI).

6th International Symposium on Sculpture on Marble.VI° Simposio Internazionale Carrara(MS).



4th International Symposium of Sculpture on Marble, Carrara(MS). First Prize.